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Mar 18, 2021
I am urged to maintain matters at hand May my confession be of some help. A haunted pond dreams me awake To cast forbidden filaments, Hazily I stumble irresistible cravings To finish my mission, I am unable to heed the neural Scorings from previous wraithlike sufferings. Once again, my head is plunged Into the muddy bottom And I cannot move, I hold my breath until I pass out Only to wake up gasping for real, I am afraid to go back to sleep. Obsessed with myself and sleep I repeat bizarre remedies as if - Sudden sleep expertise, The truth is, I can no longer man myself, I pretend I am not here, Witness my decompensated state: . . God is, when I am not. September 28, 2005 Femto, a flashing cameo in my nightly neaps, mad kaleidoscopic reels, chimes the last small waves of fitful sleeps. Crystal chrysalid rimes encapsulating my dreadful dreams begin to melt and a beta dripping slowly steeps. Sun's secant increases the lying light of "I'm": irritating strobe seducing psycho-mega-mimes. My blood quicks to clot, clicking my boring bot. I set my restless hinges, stewing karmic thaws; where is that lobe that thwarts my thieving? Leptonic Femto retreats in twin alpha child of ebbing shadows when they come together in the doldrums of the middle span. I have no resolve for lodestars, I'd rather be lost in a foreign sea, an absent robber without a witness. ... Hey! ... Femto! Edited ↓ 103017 Now rhythms have skewed northerly And the hand of an alien strikes a low blow, Love feels strange and disentangled. The cyclical space in between transcends separation… What happens when habitual neuroses are intended? Stay up all night to find out. Yes, we are right, it happened, and it is happening, Yet - subtle elements are dubious, Accept that there is intelligence and purpose. Wisdom makes mistakes and is your guide, Remember the promises of God are all that’s possible, How do you know until you try? Addendum 3/17/21 yesterday remembers today’s delay yet many tomorrows forget their vows one day may accomplish more than a month while a year hails one glorious moment the names of days bring to mind repetitive occurrences noteworthy maybe yet ... all the ways are taken except one this one the one I am on but I am not on the way, it is the way that is upon me I cannot see tomorrow I don't know fifteen minutes from I don't need to know though whatever I do is the path the landing in, initially (thoughts) blew on my face - conscious then cricked my neck and stopped up my right ear objected me until I accepted all on the way of the path


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